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"The 1:1 attention made it easy to ask questions, practice new words, and feel comfortable making mistakes.

The casual, conversational style of the sessions was fun which kept me engaged".


Mallary, California


“Do you remember a time that you had a teacher that was talented, and smart and made learning a joy? The time has arrived!

Welcome to Cafe Be’ Ivrit...Master teacher and Hebrew Coach Shani has the unusual ability to teach Hebrew in a way that is comprehensive and lively. Lessons are always useful and very personal.


Within a lesson or two, you will be singing her praises. You too will be posting and telling others of the joy of learning Hebrew with Shani".


Joni.B., New York

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"I have been looking for Cafe Be'Ivrit forever!  Language is one of my passions and I am fluent in 3 languages. I love to learn language and know how a language SHOULD be taught having been a teacher myself.  I have tried everything that I could find: college-level Hebrew course, local "ulpan" courses, online courses, books on tape, etc.  NOBODY gets it like Shani!!!  Her many years of professional language curriculum development, her engaging personality, her enthusiasm....all combine to make one feel like they are with the real deal.

Studying with Shani feels like the gift of being on a mini "year-abroad" experience tucked into a charming Israeli home and chatting over a delicious mug of קפה. That is the sweetest and most real way to learn to communicate in Hebrew!"

A.A., New York

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"I liked that it was not boring learning and reading from a book like it’s happening in schools usually.

We learned only stuff which you need in everyday life which is very important if you want to live in Israel. And I liked that we learned new words (also slang language) each and every single lesson. 

with Shani".

Jacky, Germany

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"Amazing! Motivational! Keeps it simple. Shani is Patient, supportive, knowledgeable, and personable. It’s all about the teacher and Shani really does a wonderful job".


David, NY

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"I love the easy, casual and authentic flow of the class. There is a clear learning goal for each session, but Shani lets the class build organically too, adding in expressions that come up in conversation and taking clear notes of all new words and phrases for me to review afterward.


I also love that she reaches out in between classes by text to check in and encourage me to practice what we learned in class that week".

Brooke, California


"Cafe be'Ivrit is the truly most incredible Hebrew learning experience. I tried a few different methods and tutors before landing on Cafe be'Ivrit, where I was immediately hooked. Beyond their fundamentally effective methods of teaching Hebrew, the personalized touch of the Cafe be'Ivrit team is felt in every lesson and I learned a ton about both Israeli culture and practical conversational Hebrew.


Cafe be'Ivrit was the perfect method to prepare me for my move to Israel and I could not recommend this service more strongly - sign up now!"

David & Phoebe, NY


"I am part of Zahal Shalom organization, and I wanted to learn some basic Hebrew in order to be able to better communicate with the soldiers. At this point in my life I was not sure how it would be to embark on learning a new language. I can read Hebrew and write it, however except for prayers and a few basic words I am a true beginner.

Shani is a wonderful and warm person. I felt a connection to her the first time we spoke. She asked me some questions and placed me into the beginner class with Rachel, our wonderful  teacher. The lessons are via Zoom and couldn’t be more convenient. You never have to leave the comfort of your home, and you can even be in your pajamas!  The class flies by, and our teacher Rachel is lovely, knowledgeable and patient. She is always willing to chat, answer questions , boost our confidence and makes us feel like superstars! The homework is fun and typically in the form of playing games.


Cafe B’Ivrit is the perfect way to go if you would like to try to learn Hebrew in a relaxing non stressful way. I also met some really kind students in addition to the teachers being fantastic".

Julie, NJ


"Upon my arrival to israel 2 years ago I came with basically no Hebrew skills, while working full time, completing an MBA and traveling to and from israel on monthly basis. Thus it seemed impossible for me to enhance my Hebrew any time soon. 

However Café Be'Ivrit offered me a great solution to what I thought wasn’t doable. The flexible private zoom classes work hand in hand with my calendar adjusting to my needs on a weekly basis ensuring that I don’t stop improving or loose my language skills no matter where in the world I am. However the biggest advantage of Café Be'Ivrit is the personalization aspect of the classes. Every person prioritizes their desire in a new language differently for instance working in israel I had the need to learn Hebrew business lingua. Shani and her team personalized my lessons to exactly those needs and made sure I was able to apply my lessons to real life scenarios in no time. 

After two years of personalized zoom lessons  I can now proudly say that my Hebrew skills improved so drastically that I speak it today on a fluent basis. This wouldn’t have been possible without Shani and Café Be'Ivrit I would recommend it to any one who wants to learn Hebrew, it proved that no matter how busy you are, with Café Be'Ivrit there are no excuses.

‎"תודה רבה שני בגלל קפה בעברית יכולתי להגיד את זה גם בעברית"

Izchak, Israel

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 "Learning with Cafe Be'Ivrit is a fun, relaxing, supportive atmosphere to learn conversational Hebrew."

Ellen, NJ

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