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Welcome to Cafe Be'Ivrit

Online Hebrew Lessons for Individuals & Organizations!

Get to know us better and
explore how we can help you!

Want to Learn
Conversational Hebrew?


Learn basic Hebrew skills

  • introduction to conversational Hebrew

  • words and sentence structure

  • present tense

  • numbers, days of the week & seasons

Want to Brush Up on Your Hebrew?


Improve your conversational Hebrew skills​

  • listening, reading and writing in Hebrew

  • real life conversations

  • learn Israeli slang and songs

  • expand your Hebrew vocabulary


Want to Learn
Israeli Business Lingo?

Develop your Israeli Business skills

  • make small talk in Hebrew

  • converse with Israeli professionals

  • collaborate with Israelis

  • read and understand business articles in Hebrew


Traveling to Israel?

Learn how to mingle with the locals

  • introduce yourself

  • make small talk in Hebrew

  • ask for directions

  • speak and understand Israeli slang

Our Online Hebrew Programs

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